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Craig’s Well Drilling


· Potable Water Wells

· Irrigation Wells and Systems

· Geothermal Closed Loop

· Monitoring/Test Wells

· Chlorination

· Trouble Shooting / Repairs

· Emergency Service

· Pump/Tank Installation and Replacement



Craig’s Well Drilling

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Franklin Electric


· Residential

· Commercial

· Industrial

· Municipalities

Planning on Going Green?

Check these facts on Geothermal Heat Pump Units:

                  40% more efficient than Air Source Heat  Pumps (EPA)

Creates Minimal Environmental Impact (EPA)

Qualifies for a Federal and North Carolina Tax Credit

With these facts along with a host of other advantages, Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHPs), Ground-Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) and Water-Source Heat Pumps are quickly becoming the best choice for your HVAC System. 


Please visit our Geothermal Page for more information.

· Well Rehabilitation

· Well Abandonment

· Water Testing and Treatment

· Submersible Pumps

· Centrifugal Pumps

· Line Shaft Turbines


Our Services Include: